About SPT

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“A new social art form I call Social Presencing Theater that stages media events and productions to connect different communities and their transformational stories by blending social action research, theater, contemplative practices, intentional silence, generative dialogue, and open space.”
Theory U: Leading From the Future as it Emerges,
by C. Otto Scharmer, pp 452

Otto Scharmer says in a letter dated Dec 22, 2008, “The question comes up how to communicate the essence of these projects in a way that transforms and heightens the quality of collective awareness and action, which is why we have started to experimentwith a new synthesis between theater, embodied presence, dialogue, stillness and presencing. its called Social Presencing Theater.

Social Presencing Theater is one arm of the Presencing Institute. It is an emerging art form that explores the creative potential of Theory U and presencing. The word theater comes from the Greek thea, which means “the act of seeing.” The word, theater, can be defined as a “place of enactment of significant events or actions.” Social Presencing Theater emerges from the community to enable that community to collectively see itself and enact it’s emerging future.