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Performance recorded at Vale Del Bravo, Mexico. 2018 (by La Vaca Independiente & Presencing Institute)

Social Presencing Theater (SPT) is a social technology developed to enable, and facilitate systems change. It has been developed through a collaboration of MIT Professor Otto Scharmer, and Arawana Hayashi, as a part of the Presencing Institute.

Arawana's Schedule

Arawana teaches courses on Social Presencing Theater, as well 4D Mapping and meditation workshops. 

SPT Book

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"Social Presencing Theater: The Art of Making a True Move" is a journey into the origins, principles, and practices of an innovative social art form co-created by Arawana Hayashi and colleagues at the Presencing Institute. This embodiment practice deepens reflection and supports individual, team, organizational, and social transformation. This highly accessible book offers an introduction to newcomers and provides a deeper understanding of the work for experienced practitioners who wish to create powerful spaces for heart-based learning and action. The book contains practice instructions and stories highlighting the uses of Social Presencing Theater in companies, schools, and social projects.
Documenting the diverse influences, roots, and underlying principles of Social Presencing Theater (SPT), the book offers a wealth of stories, reflections, and hands-on guidance to SPT practices. In addition, it provides an insight into the underlying principles of Arawana's teachings and her approach to this body of work.

SPT Aesthetic Language Cards

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The SPT Aesthetic Language Cards enables us to gain deeper insight into how we create a social fabric of relationships by the choices we make. To describe our more subtle experiences, we need fresh language. This card deck offers 36 cards to guide conversations that deepen collective sense-making and support the application of embodied learning insights into everyday work and life situations.
Developed by Arawana Hayashi and Ricardo Dutra.

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