Using “presencing” and Theory U, Social Presencing Theater is an innovative social art form developed by the Presencing Institute that draws upon a body-based, intuitive knowledge of oneself and others. This workshop provides training in embodiment and Social Presencing Theater as it applies to leadership and change work. Workshop participants engage in individual mindfulness of body practices and in practices that increase awareness of the “social body”. By heightening their sense of inter-personal connection, participants are better able to access creativity, facilitate groups and provide effective and compassionate leadership. The use of non-verbal techniques to inquire into “stuck” situations in one’s personal and organizational life lead to surprising insights and possibilities. Social Presencing Theater heightens sensitivity to current experience, brings attention to shifts in the social or contextual field, and is a method for prototyping seeds of the future.

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An integral part of the application of Theory U, SPT is being developed by Otto Scharmer, Arawana, and colleagues at the Presencing Insititute. The program consists of the following training sessions: May 10-14, 2017; November 29-December 3rd, 2017; and May 2-6, 2018. Under the auspices of the Presencing Insititue, this advanced program is designed for leaders, facilitators, consultants, coaches, activists, artists, and others interested in bringing more embodied awareness into their personal and work life. It is an in-depth exploration of the Social Presencing Theater forms and how they can be used to facilitate social and organizational change. 

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