Arawana's work has taken her around the globe, sharing Social Presencing Theater, Meditation, 4D Mapping, and numerous other social practices designed to enrich communication and ethical living


Social Presencing Theater Basics

Social Presencing Theater Basics. This is a two day in person course that introduces participants to the Social Presencing Theater practices. Watch a version of this done in Italy a few years ago. 

Continuing Social Presencing Theater

Continuing Social Presencing Theater deepens understanding of the practices and focuses on design and application of practices within specific contexts and settings. Workshops are available that focus on The Village practice using Aesthetic Language Cards.

4-D Mapping

A Social Presencing Theater team offers 4-D Mapping (systems mapping) to clients either in person or remotely.

SPT Advanced Training

Arawana, Manish Srivastava, Angela Baldini and guest faculty offer a year-long training that includes individual mentoring and projects.

Social Art Residencies

Arawana offers 3 to 10 day Social Art Residencies either in the Hudson Valley, New York or in specific locations, in which participants create short performances based on sensing interviews. These are presented to spark innovation conversations in communities. 

Meditation and Dharma Art

Genuine art—dharma art—is simply "the activity of nonaggression" as a quote by the Tibetan meditation teacher, Chogyam Trungpa. These courses invite us to deepen our connection between a contemplative practice and the creative process. We explore how this artistic journey gives birth to nonaggressive activity and expression that can be a powerful force in the transformation of society.

Open Programs

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 Open programs 


Mar 16-18
Art of Making a True Move
Social Presencing Theater Basics
(for Asia Pacific Time Zone)
With Manish Srivastava and Social Arts team, Crystal Huang and Jayce Lee
More info here


Apr 29-30
Social Presencing Theater Basics for BIPOC

More info forthcoming at


May 13-14
Social Presencing Theater Basics

With Angela Baldini
Berlin, Germany
More info here

May 25-27
Change Now Summit

Paris, France
More info here


June 1-2
Spirit of Humanity Forum

Reykjavik, Iceland
More info here

June 5-9
The Art of Cultivating the Social Field
Social Presencing Theater Practitioner Development Program
Module 3
With Manish Srivastava and Angela Baldini
More info here
(registrations closed)

June 13-16
Executive Champions Workshop

With Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, and Melanie Goodchild
Stowe, VT, US
More info here


Meditation Retreats

Mar 11-12
Embodied Wisdom and Courageous Conversations

With Brenda Collins, Sue Gilman, and Geoffrey Warren
Atlanta Shambhala Center, Decatur, GA
More info here

Mar 31-Apr 01
Shambhala Training Level 1
Meditation retreat

Sky Lake Meditation Center, Rosendale, NY
More info here

May 5-11
Blossoming by Nature: Four Invitations to Creativity
Meditation, nature, and embodiment retreat

With John Rockwell
Sky Lake Meditation Center, Rosendale, NY
More info here

Dharma Art

Mar 3
Dharma Art online

9:30-11:30 ET
More info here


There are no open Residencies at the moment but check some of the recent past Residencies:


The Making of a
Theater of Social Art

Yucatan Peninsula | 2020

Social Art Residency

Yucatan Peninsula | 2019

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