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Arawana, along with Manish Strivastava, Laura Pastorini, and Angela Baldini, is teaching a new SPT Application Lab in Berlin July 3-5. To learn more, and register for the program, please visit this page.

Arawana recently appeared on an episode of the Somatics Toolkit Podcast to talk about SPT and Theory U. Please take a listen to the episode and subscribe to their great podcast! You can listen here.

This brief new video documentary illustrates how Social Presencing Theater has been applied in several different high schools, in India, the USA and Norway and helped to solve social tensions and student disengagement through exploring collaborative trust, self-expression and collective systems awareness.
Watch Here.

Discovering Social Presencing

Arawana’s latest piece on Discovering Social Presencing is adapted from a talk given in Oslo in October 2017. You can read it in full here.

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