Social Presencing Theater Events

This is a fluid and emerging process. No doubt it will continue to change and develop as different people become involved and different client situations present themselves. The first step has been to identify clients or communities and to interview members of that organization or group. Over a 3-5 day period, we can create a 15 minute performance of Social Presencing Theater to seed a community dialogue process.

 The performance can include members of the client system. The entire client community then gathers for a two hour Social Presencing Theater event that begins with the performance. The performance creates a field shift or a gap in the habitual way the social system regards itself. It enhances that client ‘s capacity to see its own qualities, patterns and potential. The community sees itself embodied and enacted in a respectful way. The performance is followed by reflection and dialogue using World Café or other social technologies, out of which seed of action for the future can emerge.

For more information about SPT, you can visit the Presencing Institute's hub here